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Download PDF. James Altucher would love this. They discussed sweetened bean-paste and mini-golf equipment, among other things. The reason these companies succeeded is that instead of focusing on one idea or one great leader, they focused on the process of coming up with ideas , and producing leaders, either good, or bad. A core ideology consists of two things: a higher purpose and a set of core values. They are here to disrupt, to change, to improve. They did it with computers, then music, then phones.

One of their values is user-friendly and beautiful design. Apple never stopped experimenting.

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Otherwise they would never have moved from computers to music players. However, doing something different and making all their products look beautiful are universal principles, which can always be applied. Your core ideology has to live through all products, employees and times. If he heard you use a four-letter word other than love, you were fired.

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No exceptions. Same with Apple. An incredible effort went into this book and you can see it in the countless examples, many of which made it into the summary on Blinkist, which I think is great. The must-read summary of Stephen R. Covey, A. This complete summary of the ideas from Stephen R. This summary highlights that the real issue is doing the right things at the right time.

Jerry Porras on Vision

The author states that wealth comes from turning this idea into something that people are willing to pay for, which is only achieved by thinking. Find out how you can use your own power of thinking to make your idea a reality and grow rich. Providing you with the keys to manage your time more efficiently in both your personal and professional life, this summary will help you make the most of your life.

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The must-read summary of George S. This complete summary of the ideas from George S. Clason's book "The Richest Man in Babylon" explains how to be financially successful in order to achieve future dreams and ambitions. This useful summary provides you with timeless financial principles, as well as the basics of effective money management, thus giving you the tools to make your business thrive. This complete summary of the ideas from Timothy Vick's book "How to Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett" presents the reader with Warren Buffett's four principles, which have been consistently profitable across year of investment and stock market turmoil.

These four principles are: 1. Have a street-smart investment philosophy. Analyse all potential investments astutely. Avoid getting into loss situations religiously. Obey the general rules of good investment strategy.

Review and Analysis of Collins and Porras' Book

This summary highlights the key points of each strategy, and breaks it down into guidelines that are easy to understand and follow: plan on staying actively involved in making investments for years or more, so that you look at the market with a long-term view; only buy stock that will increase in value by at least percent per year; value a business solely on its future earnings, discounted for risk; devote at least part of your portfolio to unconventional investments which guarantee a specified return.

Never buy or sell anything just because of fashion. In short, the philosophy of this book is to invest for the long-term, sustainable gains. Use knowledge, stay with your strengths and ignore daily fluctuation. This useful summary demonstrates that flair and charisma are a bonus, not a necessity, and that systematic preparation can boost your presentation skills.

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Providing you with the necessary tools to do so, this book will help you to make your own speeches hard to forget. The must-read summary of John C. This complete summary of the ideas in John C. Maxwell's book "Everyone Communicates, Few Connect" highlights the importance of effective communication in leadership and provides you with the five key principles of connection and the corresponding five key practices that will help you connect with people. This summary also outlines the best way to enhance your communication through practice. The must-read summary of Larry Bossidy and Ram Chaean's book: "Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done" This complete summary of the ideas from Larry Bossidy and Ram Chaean's book "Execution" shows that the gap between what a company promises and the results it actually achieves is the biggest issue facing businesses.

This summary names and explains the key building blocks needed by a company for efficient and consistent execution, thus effectively giving you the tools to improve execution in your own company. This complete summary of the ideas from James Collins and Jerry Porras' book "Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies" shows that the most impressive achievement in the world of business is the creation of a viable and successful company.

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But what makes a company successful? To answer this question, the authors have studied world-class companies, from Sony to Walt Disney, and provided you with the keys to their success that can be used by almost any business. Indeed, despite the growth of super-specialisation, steps are sometimes missed, which demonstrates that problems often exist not because of a lack of knowledge, but just because routine can create complacency.