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I'm so glad you had the chance to visit Israel to see the beauty of that country and not just the dark side that is broadcast here in the US with every news report. A cantonal court had somebody fined recently for denying the Holocaust on his homepage.

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Sadly, no. However my government is operating on total lies so why shouldn't everybody else? Oct 9, , pm. I've never heard of a white supremacist who didn't hate the Jewish people. Hello Paul! Lovely photos of Suki and of Switzerland. We loved Mt Pilatus too when we went up it. Oct 10, , am. And I am pleased to hear that oyu have some good memories of Switzerland. Oct 13, , am. A play.

Sascha is a woman pretending to be a man, a pirate, travelling with captain Tristana, also a woman. They are stuck in the Caribbean and finally are able to hijack the vessel of the princess Lastadie The play is about dependencies and interaction of personalities None of the characters has any reality, or consistency, or 'loveability'. Zschokke did produce some plays and movies, he even won a literary prize. Oct 14, , pm. Two novellas by this Swiss author. Gabrielens Spitzen: Gabriele is a poor but diligent woman. She was a brilliant lace maker. And one day a young rich man came around and asked for a special lace for his household Later he returns and asks the shop owner about the philosophic manuscript he found in it pocket, a treatise about God and his existence.

The old owner then tells him that he himself was a brilliant student, thinking that he needs no god. But then gets typhus and loses all his academic abilities. So finds himself a god whom he can trust and surrender to his will, for can not do anymore what he wants to do.

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A philosophical tale about the questions of suffering and will. Some serious thoughts. Two quite contrasting stories. Grethe Auer — Oct 17, , am. Hi Paul! I haven't visited in a while but, as always, take pleasure in the pictures you share and the discussions here. Oct 18, , am. Always pleased to see you here, Karen. I hope to share some more pictures here. Edited: Oct 18, , am. Gabriel Bagradian is a rich Armenian who served in the Ottoman army, later he went to France and married Juliette there.

With his family he goes to back to the village of his ancestors in Turkey. But then Turkish started to persecute and cast out the Armenians. Thousands died. Gabriel developed a plan to secure a mountain top the Musa Dagh, the Moses Mountain near the coast and moved up there with all the remaining Armenians over people. The first attack of the Turkish army became a disaster for the Turkish army How long are they going to stay alive against the whole Ottoman empire? How long is the food lasting? How strong are there own nerves in such a close community?

Werfel has written a very powerful and moving novel set during the genocide on the Armenians and their struggle to survive.

First published I am taking part at the 'Lunch Table' for seniors of our church : Well, I am old enough. The wife of the pastor who had invited me recently makes some potatoes gratin. During reading Werfel's novel I started to look for more background about the genocide on the Armenians. There are plenty, here just a few, I have consulted. I didn't read everything, because it became so daunting and depressing. The report of the German missionary, published , but because of censorship the report was nowhere cited in newspapers.

The deportation of Armenians started already in the 19th Century as the Swiss doctor from Basel reported then.

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Oct 18, , pm. And our family Thanksgiving was never complete without one of the boy cousins demanding more "Old rotten potatoes Oct 19, , pm. My daughter and her husband ate the rest when they came in the evening.

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  • I catalogued some more book marks: -- a Korean fan, metallic a nice quote 'I'm just sitting here holding your place Tomorrow is the first anniversary of Suki's death. As a family we go up to Mt Pilatus. I didn't know that I have the book mark above of Mt Pilatus, so that was a nice surprise when I found it today. Edited: Oct 20, , pm. Mt Pilatus looking South. Oct 20, , pm.

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    We were above the fog enjoying a sunny day, and had some memories of Suki. Oct 22, , pm. Stunning view from Mt. Rest in peace, Suki. Your family still loves you very much. Oct 23, , am. It was a very beautiful day.

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    Oct 23, , pm. I am pleased to see you here.

    But I am not quite sure to which creative writing of me you refer to. But I am pleased you like what you read here. Our cat had an operation today. They found some tumor on the left back side. So it is now wearing a ruff? Will be a restless night, tonight. Edited: Oct 24, , pm. I love cats! I hope the surgery was successful and that she he?